On occasion our firm has conducted educational sessions at various educational conferences, regional league meetings, and at client locations. Listed below are some of the topics we have covered in recent years. For a .pdf sample of the presentation slides or if you are interested in an educational session, please contact us at 305-598-1730 or via email at info@nearman.com.

  • ALLL Disclosure update – This session enables financial statement users to understand the nature of credit risk in the loan portfolio, how risk is analyzed to arrive at required allowance reserve, and reviews the changes in the allowances.
  • Benefits Session – We discuss the trends in pension plans, as well as, the accounting and disclosures for the various plans.
  • Board Financial Training – This session teaches Board members how to understand a basic set of financial statements, explains peer group averages, as well as, how to calculate ratios and how to use them as a tool.  
  • BSA – This session covers the history of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and outlines the “must” do items to keep your credit union in compliance in this area.
  • Loan Participations – In this session, we discuss the basics of loan participations, accounting/regulatory issues, and best practices for this area. 
  • Supervisory Committee Procedures – This session discusses the role of the Supervisory Committee, the pressures the Committee’s face, and the three classifications of duties:  monitoring, overseeing, and reporting.>
  • Common Audit Findings – In this session, we review the most common audit findings found during the annual audit, determine the causes of these findings, and teach you ways to avoid them in future audits.
  • FASB Update & TDR – Get updates on the latest FASB proposals and updates, as well as, other “hot button” accounting issues, including Trouble Debt Restructurings (TDRs).