Suspect fraud? We can help do the research and, if required, help you file a bond claim. Most importantly, we can help you improve prevention and detection controls for the future.

We can provide assistance with ballot tabulation and verification in your annual elections for the Board of Directors. We help maintain strict confidentiality and security over the election process.

Interim Manager
We can assist the Supervisory Committee and the Board of Directors in completing the necessary change in Management functions for the protection of the Credit Union’s assets and to maintain member confidence. Under the Supervisory Committee and Board of Director’s direction, we can maintain Management oversight of the Credit Union. The interim CEO analyzes situations and provides input to the Board of Directors for final decisions. Our interim CEO will then execute the Board’s decisions.

Loan Review
Your credit union may offer a wide variety of loan products, such as vehicle loans, first and second mortgages, lines of credit, home equity loans, and credit card loans. The lending area must address a myriad of regulations, such as Truth-In-Lending, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, Flood Disaster Protection, the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act to name a few! Our review in this area can encompass all loan products; be limited to specific loan product groups such as Consumer Loans or Real Estate Loans; or focus on a specific loan product such as credit cards.

Cash Counts
We can perform cash counts for your Credit Union's branch location(s). After identifying ourselves to branch personnel, we observe the branch opening procedures and then count and reconcile cash and other negotiable instruments.

Key Employee Change
We understand the loss of a key employee can raise concerns of the Board of Directors and Management. We can assist the Board of Directors and Management with their concerns by assessing areas of risk and developing a work plan to evaluate those areas. To accomplish this objective, we use statistical sampling, review documentation, conduct third party inquires, and interview appropriate Credit Union personnel and officials.